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The PAPÍRNY BRNO joint stock company ranks among the large processing companies in the Czech Republic which make products from paper, card and cardboard. PAPÍRNY BRNO a.s. is continuing the long tradition of paper processing in Brno, an industry which has been developing in the region since the end of the 19th century. For the many years of its existence PAPÍRNY BRNO a.s. has been synonymous in its field with products of the highest quality, which not only reflect development in the processing industry, but often also notably influence such development.

manufacturing process

In 2002, PAPÍRNY BRNO a. s. received capital input from Krkonošské papírny a. s. (KRPA s. r. o.) and became part of the KRPA Holding.

The main production programme of PAPÍRNY BRNO a. s. is the manufacturing of a wide range of products for school and office use (exercise books, notepads, notebooks, drawing pads, jotters, sketch pads, drawing pads, spiral notepads, packaged paper etc.), the production of a wide range of packaging made from paper material (fibre drums, buckets and tubes) and from plastic (PP bowls and cups).

manufacturing process

The company also offers services in the field of polygraphic production, mainly with the use of flexo printing and offset printing methods (V8 book binding).

PAPÍRNY BRNO a. s. is continuously following the development of trends in its field and is trying not only to react to them but also take part in their creation. Particularly in the recent history of the company, great emphasis has always been put on innovation in production technology and the range of goods offered.

180 let KRPA, 1835 - 2015

sídlo: Brno, Křenová 186/60, PSČ: 656 97
spisová značka: B 21249 vedená u Krajského soudu v Brně

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