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Four-sided PP pots


designed for direct packaging, storage or freezing of food

  • they have a tapered shape, with rounded corners, and a rectangular base
  • 250 ml, 400 ml and 500 ml pots with no printing
  • pots can be closed with removable lids - printed with 1 - 4 colours
  • pots are produced in white or transparent as standard

PP trays

Podložní misky

designed for batch packaging of meat, meat products, fruit, vegetables and other food products

  • suitable for packaging with the use of plastic wraps
  • produced in white or transparent as standard

PP containers for ready-made food

Misky pro hotová jídla

designed for one-portion packaging of ready-made food

  • are sealed with suitable foil with the help of simple welding devices
  • are produced transparent as standard, can be white on demand
  • are divided into two non-identical parts by a partition, for the separation of the side dish and the main one
  • suitable for microwaving

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