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School exercise books

Školní sešity

The production of school exercise books has a long tradition in PAPÍRNY BRNO a. s. At present, we produce exercise books from quality recycled or wood-free paper. Standardly-produced school exercise books have A4, A5 or A6 formats; 10, 20, 40 or 60 sheets and standard line types (lined, squared). The motif of the cover changes regularly. All given criteria (format, number of sheets, types of lines, the motif on the cover) can be changed according to the special requirements and wishes of the customer. If you require a non-standard type of school exercise book, you can contact our sales department.

Exercise books label system


Poznámkové bloky

Notepads are produced from recycled or wood-free paper, have 50 or 70 sheets and standard types of lines. Notepads can be stitched, glued or spiral bound. PAPÍRNY BRNO a. s. offers the option of having notepads produced on demand (with your own motif, type of lines, coloured spiral or TWIN spiral). If you require a non-standard type of notepad, you can contact our sales department.


Záznamní knihy

Our notebooks are produced from quality wood-free paper, and have 100, 150, 180 or 200 sheets and standard types of lines. Notebooks are produced with V8 binding and can have a rounded spine and headband (Exclusive version). The motifs on the covers change regularly and we offer the option of producing notebooks with the customer's own motif. If you require a non-standard type of notebook, you can contact our sales department.


Zápisníky a záznamníky

Recorders are made of quality paper with a special internal printing. Plates may be fitted with metal horns.

Replacement cartridges

Náhradní vložky

The replacement cartridges are manufactured from recycled or wood-free paper. They are provided for the creation of punching into the ring answering machines or files.

Drawingblocks and sketchbooks

Skicáky a náčrtníky

This group of products are intended primarily blocks glued to the artistic activity. Individual groups paint blocks differ in the type of paper.

Papers and cartons

Papíry a kartony

Free papers and cartons sold are sold in sheets of various sizes or in rolls. Paper and cartons with different weight and can be printed. This group of products includes color paper.

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