• School notebooks EXCLUSIVE
    Exclusive school notebooks - 40 sheets, A5 and A4, high quality 80g wood free paper, blank, lined, squares
  • School notebooks
    Regular school notebooks in formats A6, A5 and A4 10, 20,40 and 60 sheets blank, lined and squared
  • Notepads


With a long-standing tradition, we are the largest Czech manufacturer of stationery for schools and offices.
Our product range includes school exercise books, writing pads, diaries, record books, notepads, drawing pads, sketchbooks, and much more.
We also offer printing services – offset and flexographic printing and bookbinding.      

We are part of KRPA Holding, the largest paper industry group in the Czech Republic.  

For us, environmental protection is not just an empty phrase. Most of our products are made from recycled materials.

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