We will produce a complete book for you, including printing!

We specialize in V8 bookbinding, as well as V2 and V4 adhesive bindings and other bookbinding works, including the production of book covers on a case-making machine, folding, collating, stitching, cutting and gluing.

We also perform the finishing of printed materials and surface treatment by varnishing, laminating or embossing.

  • format of the finished book up to a size of 280×335 mm,
  • flat or rounded back, back thickness up to 55 mm,
  • casing-in speed up to 6,000 pieces in 7.5 hour,
  • possibility of adding headband,
  • possibility of adding braid (bookmark),
  • full colour paper cover,
  • printed end-sheets.

We can also do a book binding for you just from the semi-finished products you supply, when you supply either printed flat sheets or book folders, or already stitched books – depending on your possibilities.

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