KRPA Holding Group

KRPA Holding is an important group of manufacturing and trading companies owned exclusively by Czech capital. The activities of these companies are focused primarily on the development, production, processing and distribution of paper products.

The group's products are widely used in many areas:

  • green packaging,
  • manufacturing industry (greaseproof paper),
  • offices, households and schools (carbonless paper, forms, envelopes and bags, exercise books, writing pads, and office supplies),
  • printing (offset and recycled paper),
  • building industry (insulation strips and building materials).

A long tradition and a stable position in the market give customers guaranteed quality and reliability.

The most important entities of the group are:

manufacturer of special wood-free paper and cardboard,

manufacturer of addressed and unaddressed forms and receipt paper rolls,

manufacturer and distributor of stationery and office supplies, and

manufacturer of school and office supplies.

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